Amman: Regional consultations on Palestinian future scenarios and resilience policies

A delegation from Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) and Masarat Center conducted a series of consultations and meetings in the Jordanian capital, Amman, during the first week of March.  During the mission, various Jordanian stakeholders where consulted on the scenarios for the Palestinian future, resilience policies, Jordan's role in supporting Palestinian steadfastness, developments in the Palestinian issue, and changes in the region.

The meetings included holding a dialogue workshop hosted by the Jordanian Society for Science and Culture, in which a number of Jordanian politicians, experts and officials participated.

In addition, a consultative meeting was held with the Palestine Parliamentary Committee in the Jordanian Parliament, with the participation of the Committee's Chairman, MP Muhammad Al-Dhahrawi, members of the Committee, and deputies from other committees. Furthermore, consultative meetings were held with Marwan Muasher, Samir Habashneh, Adnan Abu Odeh and Abdul Raouf Rawabdeh, and Taher Al-Masry.

Hani Al-Masri, Director General of the Masarat Center, participated in these meetings representing Masarat, and Maruan El-Krekshi, Hilkka Jokinen, Sultan Yasin, and Qublan Al-Hurr representing CMI.

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