Calling for participation in assuming responsibility and decision and emergency committees to confront Covid-19 and forming a think-tank to develop post-crisis plans

An online dialogue workshop was organized by Masarat and CMI within the framework of Supporting Resilience through Dialogue project, which gathered 30 participants from politicians, experts in economic, education and health sectors, officials from the Ministry of Health, and civil society representatives and youth from the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The participants called for the participation of wider sectors in the emergency committees, demanding accountability and decision-making to confront the Covid-19 pandemic. The participants expressed the need for setting clear priorities, dividing tasks, and forming a strategic thinking group outside the crisis cell, which would support in the work by proposing policies and developing plans and possible scenarios, including post-crisis scenarios.

The participants emphasized the necessity for everyone to unite to confront the pandemic, including governmental institutions, civil society institutions, and the private sector.

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