Terms of the Resilience Challenge



The Resilience Challenge is designed to encourage people to develop and share their ideas on how to enhance inclusive participation in conflict resolution and peacebuilding. The Challenge aims to:

  • Stimulate innovative, locally-driven, concrete ideas to strengthen Palestinian resilience;
  • Build new partnerships, bring in new actors, and nurture a new, more unified generation of Palestinians.
  • Support unity by challenging the prolonged internal division and the unrepresentative political structures, the isolation of the Gaza Strip and the fragmentation of Palestinian communities.


The Resilience Challenge is jointly created and organized by the following organizations (hereafter “the organizer”): Masarat (Palestine), Crisis Management Initiative, CMI (Finland).


  • The team should consist of 3-6 individuals, who represent more than one of the Palestinian communities (West Bank, Gaza Strip, Diaspora, and 1948).
  • Teams should include both male and female participants.
  • The idea takes into account the criteria for innovation, inclusiveness, collaboration, scalability and potential for impact.
  • The submission can be an idea that you would like to implement, or an initiative that you have already tested in practice but would like to improve.
  • The teams must identify a contact person from within the team, whose email address is to be used for all notifications and announcements related to the Challenge.
  • Youth’s participation is highly encouraged.
  • Participation in the Challenge implies that the team, including every team member, fully accepts the terms of the challenge.




Do you have an innovative idea on how to strengthen Palestinian resilience? Gather a team and submit your idea here: https://forms.gle/pFoLTzKREdSfYSrv9

  • The submission is to be sent by February 13, 2021. Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.
  • The written submissions should be sent in both Arabic and English language.
  • There is no entry fee, or any other fee for participation.
  • The organizer reserves the right to reject the registration and participation of a team if it finds that the activities of the team or its members or the team’s application are in breach of these terms.
  • The organizer is not responsible for malfunctions of the data network, or any other reasons that may cause the submission to disappear or be delayed.
  • The team’s contact person will receive a notification of the approval or rejection of the submission.


The following criteria will be used for selecting the teams to the development process:

  • Innovation: the initiative promotes a new way to strengthen Palestinian resilience;
  • Impact: the initiative will effectively strengthen political / social / economic resilience of the Palestinian communities;
  • Scalability and replicability: the initiative can be scaled up, or implemented in another context;
  • Cooperation: the initiative promotes cooperation between different geographical locations as well as different segments of society, including collaboration between men and women.

An independent group of experts will evaluate the proposed ideas to select the most potential teams in Palestine to participate in the development and incubator phase, in accordance with the terms. The expert group will base its decisions on the assessment criteria listed above. The decisions are not subject to appeal.

Each team selected for the development stage will develop their idea further through development assistance and mentoring. The selected teams will participate in an online incubator, working with the mentors and technical teams of Masarat, CMI, as well as other regional experts.

The organizer reserves the right not to declare an awardee if it finds that none of the submissions fulfil the assessment criteria.


The organizer of the Challenge reserves the right to change the details of these terms or modify the timeframes. Participants will be kept informed of any such changes through the website in which these terms are advertised.

The organizer does not cover any expenses that may incur in relation to participation in the challenge unless prior approval was granted in written form.

During and after the challenge, the organizer has the right to publish the names of the teams and their members as well as descriptions of their ideas. The team understands that their ideas will be presented to the juries, the other participating teams and various third parties such as media during the different stages of the challenge.

By participating in the Challenge, each team member agrees that certain personal data is processed by the organizer in accordance with relevant data protection and privacy regulations.


The organizer may disqualify a team that does not observe the terms of the challenge or follow the instructions provided. Notification about the disqualification will be sent to the team by email. Also, the organizer has the right to disqualify a team if it finds that the team or its members violate current national laws or breach applicable ethical guidelines and practices. To the extent allowed under law, the organizer and its partners shall have no liability whatsoever to the team or a team member for any damage, claim or liability arising out of the Challenge.

The team may withdraw from the Challenge by giving written notice to the organizer. A team may be considered to have suspended a contest if the team does not participate in the workshops and events of the Challenge, does not return the requested forms or tasks by the due date or does not respond to the inquiries within 14 days.


Maximum three initiatives will be selected to receive support for implementation. The support is 15,000 euros total, and will be divided between the selected teams.

The team(s) must report back to the organizer by June 2021 to show that they have used the funds to further develop their idea. The organizer distributing the funds to a team shall have the right to deduct and withhold any applicable taxes. If the funds are not used along these terms, it can be withdrawn, or may in exceptional cases be recovered back.


The Intellectual Property Rights remain with the participating team. The participating team ensures that their submission and participation in the Challenge does not violate any rights of a third party.


This Challenge is implemented within the framework of the EU funded “Supporting resilience through dialogue” project, and subject to the “General conditions applicable to European Union financed grant contracts for external actions”.

Decisions by the organizer and the panels are not subject to appeal.


Contact person:

The Palestinian Center for Policy Research and Strategic Studies (Masarat)
Sultan Yasin: Sultan.yasin@cmi.fi


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