A call to action to limit the occupation's interference in the electoral process

The fourth workshop of the series on the Palestinian elections was held on March 29, 2021. The series of workshops is organized by the Masarat Center and CMI. The title of the fourth workshop was “The Israeli Position and the Palestinian Elections”.


The keynote speakers of the workshop were Jamal Zahalqeh, head of the National Democratic Rally Party, Razi Nabulsi, researcher at the Masarat Center, and Masral Almur, a writer specializing in Israeli affairs. The workshop was facilitated by Emad Rahma from Masarat. More than 80 participants, including politicians, academics, researchers, representatives of civil society and youth from various Palestinian communities, took part in the dialogue, in addition to more than two thousand viewers on social media platforms.

The participants called for action to limit the influence of the occupation’s interference in the elections in terms of setting obstacles to their conduct, disrupting the Legislative Council, and arresting deputies. The participants emphasized that the elections should be a step towards ending the occupation, and that the elections should embody freedom and independence, and change the forms of authority to serve the national program.

The participants also called for pressure on Israel to facilitate the electoral process and to hold the elections in East Jerusalem, as well as to confirm the centrality of Jerusalem in the Palestinian issue.

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