The Supporting Resilience through Dialogue project prepares to launch initiatives to enhance resilience

Over the course of three days in March 2021, an Incubator Program was implemented for the Resilience Challenge teams. Their initiatives won the Resilience Challenge competition launched by the Supporting Resilience through Dialogue project team for presenting models that enhance Palestinian resilience.

The winning teams included members from different Palestinian communities, and the purpose of the incubator was to allow the teams to develop their ideas further, to reach the highest possible degree of effectiveness and impact for the initiatives.

The incubator included hosting members of the Advisory Group of the Supporting Resilience through Dialogue project. One of the most important factors of the incubator was allowing the Advisory Group members to familiarize themselves with the initiatives and allowing them to provide feedback for the teams on the initiatives.

The three initiatives carry the titles of “Our Land is our Resilience”, “What Do Palestinian Youth Want from the Elections”, and “Shared Fate and One Identity”. The implementation of the initiatives will begin immediately after the incubator program, and the implementation will be accompanied by follow-up and support from the project team.

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